Saturday, November 1, 2014

My October Favorites


October is over! Although October can be a bit cold, I think it's a great month. The ending of the month means that I can tell you about the products and items that I've been loving this October. I have five October favorites that I would like to share with you. Let me know if you would like to read more about my monthly favorites!

1. Japanese Cherry Blossom fine fragrance mist
This Japanese Cherry Blossom fine fragrance mist is from Bath and Body Works. It doesn't only smell like cherry blossom, it also has the wonderful smell of pear and cedar wood. I have used it every day this October. I think this fine fragrance mist is great for fall.

2. EOS lip balm
I looove EOS! It's actually a year-round favorite, but I've used it a lot in October because the cold weather can make your lips very chapped. The flavour of this lip balm is 'blueberry and a├žai'. The round shape makes it easy to put it on and even more important: it's a 100% natural. It really makes your lips smooth, so this is definitely a favorite.

3. Snowman shower jelly
I know it's kind of early for a snowman, but this snowman shower jelly is amazing! It contains blackberry's, buchu oil and carrot oil. After I've used it in the shower, I keep sniffing my arm, because it smells sooo good! (fruity and fresh) You can also put it in the freezer for a cold shower jelly, which is nice in the morning, to wake you up ;). This snowman shower jelly is a limited edition, although I wish they would always have it in their store! It's a product from Lush, which is a cosmetics company that only makes fresh, handmade cosmetics, that are not tested on animals. All in all, I love this product!

4. Slippers
These slippers are from Snoozies. They're really soft from the inside and they keep your feet nice and warm. There's not much more that I can say about them, but I really recommend slippers for fall!

5. Essie nail polish 'the lace is on'
This nail polish is my favorite color for fall. Pink is my favorite color, and I like having a darker shade for fall and winter. As you can see on the photo, this nail polish is on my nails at the moment and it chipped off a bit, because I've had this polish on all October. I would certainly call this nail polish an October favorite!

These were my October favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading about them and I'll try to post something again soon!

xox Mia

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