Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Christmas Essentials


We're getting closer and closer to Christmas! For my second post of ElephantasticXOXmas, I decided to do a 'My Christmas Essentials', because there are certain products and items that I like to use and wear to make myself look a bit more Christmasy on Christmas day. Here they come:

Reindeer Ears
I love these reindeer ears! I think reindeer ears are a cute way to complete your Christmas outfit. Mine are from H&M and I like how the ears are super soft and have a little bow, too.

Sparkly Nail Polish
For Christmas, I'm going to polish my nails in this sparkly nail polish from Sally Hansen. These sparkles really give me a Christmas feeling, so this is certainly a Christmas must-have for me!

When I wake up on Christmas day, I love staying warm and cozy in my soft onesie. Mine is covered in black and pink stars and I bought it with a friend at Primark.

Sparkle Spray: 'The Sparkler'
Christmas without glitter and sparkles is like a swimming pool without water to me: this sparkle spray is from 'The Body Shop' and I absolutely love it! Not only does the bottle look really cute, the sparkles that come out are so pretty and they smell good, too.

A Good Book
I often wake up too early, because I'm so excited about something! Christmas is certainly something to be excited about, so I like having a good book to read while I'm waiting for it to be average wake-up time :).
The book that I'm currently reading is 'Honderd uur nacht' (shown in the picture above). It is a Dutch book by Anna Woltz. I don't think it's translated to English (yet), but if you can read Dutch, I really recommend this book. The story takes place in New York during Christmas time.
All in all, a good book is certainly a Christmas essential for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Christmas essentials. I'm going to celebrate Christmas in Barcelona this year; I'm really looking forward to it! I hope you have an elephantastic Christmas!

xox Mia

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