Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Highlights & Spring Goals

I might be kind of early with this post, but it feels as if the coldest part of the winter is over, and that spring is coming up already. This winter was really amazing for me, so I wanted to take some time to look back at it and bring up good memories. I thought it would be nice to combine my winter highlights with something to work on in spring, so I decided to add spring goals for myself, along with my winter highlights. I want to do this each season, so that I really have the time to look back at the season and think of all the fun events and the things I'm thankful for. The year just flies by and so much happens in it! 

First, my Winter Highlights...

Going to Barcelona for Christmas was amazing! I got to see family, do lot's of touristy stuff and I took about a thousand pictures. :)

My birthday! My birthday was on the 19th of January and it was an unforgettable day.  Everyone was so sweet and I received lots of wonderful cards and presents.

Winter is filled with holidays! Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday), Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's day... All of them were full of happiness! 

I also got to Skype a lot with my friend, who lives in the United States. Because of the big time difference it had been very difficult to figure out a time that worked out for both of us, but we finally found one! 

During Christmas break I slept over with 3 friends, of which two of them I hadn't seen in a very long time. It was a lot of fun. 

Last but not least, SNOW! It finally snowed in the Netherlands and it was just wonderful :). I made snowballs and I love the way the trees look with snow on their branches. 

Now, my Spring Goals:

Work ahead on homework. I want to work ahead, because there are some days I have less time than other days and I don't want to stay up very late to finish my homework on a day that I have little time. To accomplish this goal, I'll need to work hard on my next goal, too:

Get better at planning, by planning more. This is a very important spring goal for me, because my planning skills are terrible. Planning is very useful for school and combining that with blogging, so this is definitely a spring goal. 

Clean up my room - and keep it clean! My room is kind of a disaster at the moment... It's such a nice feeling to be in an organized, neat room!

Make my bed every morning. This is part of my goal above. A made bed looks so much nicer!

Read more! I love reading, so I want to make more time to read. I sometimes take so long to finish a book, that I kind of forget parts in the beginning, and that's a waste! Beginnings are quite important to set the scene and characters, so reading more is my goal! By reading more I can also finish more books and start reading new books, too! (I have a long list of books I want to read!)

Being a better big sister. I would like to spend more 'bonding time' with my siblings :) .

Keep track of my expenses. To do this, I use the app Moni (free, Apple). Like the app says itself, it's 'a simple way to manage your simple expenses'. It's a very helpful app!

And lastly...
Get out of the door earlier. I'm always rushing in the morning to get out of the door on time, so that I'm not to late for school. It's nice though, to be able to kind of take your time. I'm going to try to get things ready for the next day ahead, to try to accomplish this goal. 

I'm going to try hard to accomplish these goals, and I'll do another Highlights & Goals next season! 


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