Saturday, May 23, 2015

A little blue car

A few weeks ago, I bought this cute little car soap. You might be thinking: 'Okay, Mia, it's just a soap.' But, aahhhh it's amazing. It's the perfect color of blue and the smell... I would describe it as heavenly. :)

How I found this little blue car soap is actually kinda a weird story. I was in Dille & Kamille (an awesome store!) looking for a present for my mom for Mother's Day. I decided to buy her some soap and so I walked over to the soap bars. They all smelled really good and I just couldn't choose between three of them. I probably stood there sniffing the three bars of soap for, like, twenty minutes. I felt really awkward and I thought everyone was looking at me. 

Eventually, after sniffing for so long, I couldn't smell the difference between them anymore, so I wanted to smell something that smelled different. So I just randomly grabbed the little blue car, sniffed it and... Wait... It. Smelled. Heavenly. I immediatly decided to buy this little car for myself (it was only 85 cents!), because I loved it, but I didn't think my mom would like it. So I still had to figure out which soap bar to buy my mom. In the end, I decided (with the help of my brother) to get the soap bar that smelled like Yasmin.

Happily, I went back home. Time to give my little soap a photo shoot. :)

 Then it was time to wash my hands with it for the first time. :)

After washing my hands they felt all clean and fresh, and of course, they smelled amazing! Also, I was really proud of my nails, hehe. I love the little eyes :). I found this cute nail art tutorial on  A Beautiful Mess (click here!).

Have a great rest of your Saturday!


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