Saturday, July 18, 2015

My travel essentials & tips

At the moment of writing this post, I am sitting on my bed, with my blogging notebook next to me. In two days, though (Friday), same time, I'll be sitting in an airplane on my way to the United States! I'm super excited and in the US there will finally be constant sunshine! The weather here in the Netherlands is different every week (sometimes very hot, sometimes really rainy...). Anyway, going to the US means I'll have to pack my suitcase (more like stuff my suitcase) and put all my on-plane essentials in my carry-on bag. 

First, my on-plane essentials...
My carry-on bag is usually a backpack, because for me that is most convenient: one hand for my rolling suitcase and one free hand. :)

My feet are always cold, especially in an airplane, so to keep my feet warm, I like to wear my favorite pink fluffy socks.

It's easy to get dehydrated in an airplane, so it's really important to drink enough water. Drink some water before you get on the airplane and make sure to say 'yes' when the stewardess asks you if you'd like anything to drink.

A good book is great to have during your flight, especially long ones. Well, actually, a good book is always an essential for me. :)

During a long flight I often get a bit sweaty (yuck), and tired, too. To solve that, I like to carry a toothbrush and a little hand towel in my bag so that I can freshen up. Also, walking to the restroom is good to strech your legs and when I return to my seat, I feel a lot better.

I also like having a little notebook with me, to write down my thoughts, make lists or just doodle.

Chewing gum! This is probably almost everyone's travel essential. When the plane is landing, my ears always hurt and chewing gum certainly helps.

Fold Roll your clothes
Rolling your clothes saves loads of space! You can use the space that you just created for more items, or you can save that space for things you buy in the country where you're going.

Check your liquids!
You can only take liquids that are less than a certain amount of mL with you, so make sure that you check all your liquids. It would be really unpleasant if you found out at the airport that you have to leave behind you favorite perfume! (To avoid this, you can also put your liquids in travel sized containers.)

Protect your compact powders
It's really sad when you open your suitcase and find that something is broken. Unfortunately, compact powders can easily break. To prevent this, just place a cotton ball on the powder and tadaa! Your compact powder is safe.

Think about comfort
No one wants to be uncomfortable during a flight. Especially not in long flights. During flights I like wearing loose pants and shoes that are easy to take on and off. Probably not my prettiest outfit, but surely very comfy.

If you are going somewhere, too, soon, I wish you a great flight! And to all of you an awesome summer, of course.

xoxo Mia

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