Sunday, July 12, 2015

5 cute DIY's to do this summer

Yay, my summer break has finally officially started! I'm really excited. Now I have a bunch of time to try out lots of DIY's! That's why today's post is a little list of 5 cute DIY's to do this summer, that I collected from 5 lovely (DIY) blogs.

This DIY pretzel pillow looks great on a bed or on a chair, like in the picture above. It doesn't require lots of sewing skills and the end result is super cute.

When I first saw this I thought: 'Wow, what a good idea!' It's a great plant holder and together with the plant, it looks like a little pineapple. Pineapples are everywhere lately and they have this great summery vibe.

This is another cute pillow DIY. These DIY throw pillows have nice soft colors, that look very summery. (The explanation for dip dyeing is in this other post by Lovely Indeed.)

4. DIY Iron Transfer Tote {The Crafted Life}
Having a cute tote is very handy for lots of summer stuff: picnics (to carry the food), sleep overs (to carry your overnight stuff), and much more. What's great about this DIY is that you can put whatever you like on your tote. I personally like putting words in a cool font on it (like in the beautiful picture above from The Crafted Life) to inspire and motivate you every day.

These little notebooks make great travel notebooks, which is awesome for summer. Also, they're really inexpensive, because for this DIY you use cereal boxes and for the paper, you can use the paper from those school notebooks that you haven't finished. Oh, and this DIY is very customizable, which I think is great. :)

Go grab your DIY supplies and get started!


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