Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bored? | What to do in summer

Hi! I hope you're all enjoying summer so far. It is really hot here (for Dutch standards) at the moment, but I guess that's a good excuse for some ice cream :). My summer break hasn't started yet, but in lots of other places it has, so I decided to do a summer post today. Specifically, what to do in summer when you're bored, or for if you just want some ideas of what to do. We all have those days that we just lie around, watch some Netflix, walk around, eat something, and do lots of other random stuff. That can be nice for a bit, but after a while, I usually start to feel really tired and I feel like I have sort of wasted part of my day. So, no more of that. Here are 10 things you can do in summer...

Start a blog, youtube channel, Instagram account, etc. 
This one is pretty self-explanatory. During summer break, you'll have enough preparation time and time to figure out what your blog, youtube channel, Instagram account, etc. is going to be about. It's better to take your time and not rush, so summer is the perfect time to start this.

Build a fort
Building a fort takes me back years ago, when I used to build forts all the time. Forts are just really cosy and fun to build. It also makes the perfect place to read, watch your favorite series, listen to music, or whatever you like. 

Search through Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, etc. and find a bunch of awesome DIY's that you can do in summer. DIY's are always fun to do. Period. :)
(I'm putting together a little list for you all of some cute DIY's for this summer, so stay tuned for that!)

Spa day
Summer is the time to relax! Take a lovely bath, put on some body lotion, polish your nails, try a new hairstyle and read your favorite magazine. What a perfect combination.

Clean up your room (& decorate!)
Like I said in my last post, I find it very nice to have a super clean room in summer. This can take some time, but at least you won't be bored anymore. :) Also, the end result is very rewarding and a clean room leads you to the next, far more exciting and fun part: decorating! Decorating looks best and is easiest to do when your room is clean, so cleaning up is an important step.

Water balloon toss
This one is especially nice when it's really hot and you want to do something outside with a friend. Fill some balloons with water, toss the water balloon to your friend, and keep making the distance between you and your friend bigger. A great game to play if you're not afraid to get a little wet ;).

Make yourself the perfect cool drink
When it's super hot outside, it's important to stay hydrated. Making the perfect cool drink for yourself 1. keeps you hydrated and cools you off, 2. is fun to do, 3. tastes good and 4. you just created some perfect Instagram material. Four good reasons.

Photo shoot
Grab a camera and choose or create a place where you can take lots of beautiful pictures. In summer there are lots of flowers and the lighting is really good, too. You can also DIY some photo shoot props and make a nice background, where you and your friends can pose in front of. :)

Buy a plant
Okay, this may seem really random and maybe it is random, but buying a plant can be a lot of fun, believe me. Going to the store makes you go outside of the house and choosing which plant to buy is fun, too. Also, it gives me a really good feeling, for some reason, when I water plants (like I'm giving life to the plant, haha) and it adds a lot to your room.

Summer picnic
Having a summer picnic is awesome because you get to prepare yummy food and you get to eat the yummy food. And above all that, you get to spend lots of time with your friends.

Go to a market
I highly recommend this one. Markets are just so lively. Also, if you were home alone, it's nice to be around so many people. You don't even have to go to buy something, you can also just go and look around. Let the market inspire you.

PS. Apparently, I can't count. I have listed 11 things you can do in summer instead of 10, but I guess that doesn't matter. :)

xox Mia

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