Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spring Highlights & Summer Goals

Hi! I hope you're all having a great weekend. I had a test week coming up, so I didn't have the time to post something last Saturday, sorry. Today, though I wanted to pop in this 'Spring Highlights and Summer Goals'. This post is the second of my 'Highlights and Goals' :). Like I said in my previous post, I'm suuuper excited for summer and summer break and all the other summery stuff. My summer break is getting so close!
I'm happy that I've set some goals for myself for this summer, so that I won't be super lazy (although some laziness is allowed ;) ). And I'm sure there will be plenty of highlights. Let's save that for the next Highlights and Goals post, though :).
Now, let's continue with 'Spring Higlights and Summer Goals'!

Spring Highlights
Easter is just always a lot of fun. I also spent time with my family at my grandparents' house and that was very nice :).

When spring arrived, so did the sun! I finally saw the first rays of sunlight (after many months of rain and cold) and I also saw the first....

... popping up! They were all so colorful and they made me smile just looking at them.

May break, Amsterdam (AMS) & Schiermonnikoog
These three kind of belong together, because going to Amsterdam and Schiermonnikoog both happened in my May break. In my May break I did lots of fun stuff, and two of the many highlights in my May break were, like I just mentioned, going to Amsterdam and Schiermonnikoog.

This spring, I saw my uncle after a long time, when he visited the Netherlands for a week. It was great to see him again :).

New Girl
I started watching the series New Girl on Netflix and I love it! It made me laugh out loud several times and that doesn't happen with me so often with most other series or TV shows. It's really great and what's also nice, is that (for most of the episodes) it doesn't matter too much in which order you watch them, so if, for example, you are watching New Girl with a friend who is further ahead in the series, you can easily understand what's going on and still enjoy and laugh about it. Also, all the characters have this amazing and unique personality and that makes the series even better.

Paper Towns
Not only did I discover an amazing series on Netflix, I also read the book that is now my absolute favorite. Paper Towns by John Green was just perfect and also really funny. So if you haven't read it yet, go read it!

Summer Goals

For this 'Highlights and Goals', I decided to set some fun goals for myself, because it's finally summer! Summer is all about fun and time to relax, so I didn't want to set lots of 'serious' goals :).  

Take a minimum of 250 pictures
Pictures are one of the best ways (and the most fun ways) to remember special times. I love taking pictures, and maybe love it even more to look back at them. When I was in Barcelona, I took a thousand (!) pictures in one week, so I have enough to look back at, haha. So my goal for this summer is to take a minimum of 250 pictures. I think this won't be too hard for me, but I didn't want to set too high of a number, because otherwise I would end up taking a bunch of random pictures. I'm sure there will be plenty of beautiful scenes and things to take pictures of! 

Have an amazing picnic
First off, I have to say that I don't know how to spell picknick picknic picnick picnic (I think that's how you spell it, but unfortunately, I spelled it wrong on my little circle...:(
Anyways, summer is great for picnics, so I really want to have an amazing, wonderful, fantastic picnic! And, of course, with yummy snacks :).

Big room clean up
I have to say, my room looks a lot better than a month ago, but I'd still like to have it cleaner. For summer I think it's really nice to have a clean and tidy room. Well, actually I would always like to have a really clean and tidy room, but in summer it is especially nice and also, I have enough time to make it super, super clean. 
(Sorry, I just used the word 'clean' like a hundred times...)

Taste home made ice cream
Taste home made ice cream, means I'll have to make home made ice cream!

Finish 3 books
During summer break, I'll have plenty of time to read and I love reading, so my goal is to finish 3 whole books. The first book I'm going to read is Divergent by Veronica Roth (I still haven't read it yet, while almost everyone else has...). I've heard from many people that it's a VERY good book, so I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Learn how to speak Japanese
Well, by 'Learn how to speak Japanese' I mean 'learn some more words and sentences'. The only two sentences I can say in Japanese at the moment are: 'Hi, I'm Mia.' and 'I like elephants.', which are certainly not unimportant, but still, I'd like to know how to say some more. People always start speaking in Japanese to me, because I am part Japanese, but I don't know how to speak it. This always gives me a kind of uncomfortable feeling and I'd really like to know a bit more Japanese just for fun, too, so this is definitely a goal.

Have a great summer and make sure to make it the best summer ever!

xoxo Mia

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