Saturday, March 28, 2015

Clipper Lemon Organic Green Tea | New Favorite

Yay, a second post in two weeks! I had to, because, well, this is LOVELY. Just look at the packaging! So beautiful, I could look at it all day. And the flavor, lemon (organic!) green tea! Reasons enough to write a mini-post on this totally cute and delicious Clipper Lemon Organic Green Tea. (And of course, with lots of pics. :) )

Let's take a look at the packaging first, because, oh my goodness, it's so pretty! I think the little cup with the lemons on it and the words are very cute and the overall style is just amazing. :) Even if I didn't like the tea, I might even buy it just for the packaging, haha.

When you first open the box, you immediately smell the lemon. As you can see, I had some trouble opening the box and I  ripped some bits off the side, which left me kind of sad...

Not for long though, because after I poured some hot water in my mug, it was time to taste it! The taste is quite different from the teas I normally drink (in a positive way). I had to get used to the tea a little in the beginning, but after the first two sips I thought is was super delicious and you can taste exactly what the box says: 'A fresh, citrusy zing'. Doesn't that sound cool? :) The fact that it is a very different tea from what I usually drink, makes it extra special. When I drink it, it's like I'm sipping a little surprise :).

Clipper has lots of other tea flavors and infusions, too, such as their Fairtrade Green Tea with Peppermint and their Cranberry and Raspberry Organic Infusion. They also have hot chocolates and coffee, which I found out when I was looking on their website, although they mostly have tea. I'm very excited to try these!

Have you ever tried Clipper tea? And are you also in love with the packaging?


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