Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Room DIYcor

The first flowers are popping up and I can finally hear the birds sing: Hello Spring! I find that the difference between winter and spring is quite big, and one of the ways to get yourself totally in the spring mood, is to decorate your room. That's why today's post is 'Spring Room DIYcor'. Enjoy!

DIY Butterfly Wall

This is a DIY I've actually already made a while ago. I used to look quite actively on Instagram for DIY's and I had seen all sorts of  butterfly wall multiple times and wanted to try it. I already had the circle on my wall (I call it my 'moon' :) ), so I decided to make the butterflies go around it like a rainbow. This DIY does take quite long, it took me a couple of hours, because there are so many butterflies (I have about 80), but it's a lot of fun and this DIY adds so much to your room, it'll all be worth it :)

Anyways, (sorry for the long explanation), here's how to make your own Butterfly Wall.

You will need:
- a wall ;)
- sheets of white paper (number depends on how many butterflies you are going to make)
- paint in the colors you want (I used 6 colors, althoug a rainbow has 7... Oops!)
- a paint brush 
- scissors
- a printer (optional)

First, you will have to decide how many butterflies you want to make for your Butterfly Wall. Like I said, I made about 80. I'm not sure how many sheets of paper I used, but I think you will need about 10 for 80 butterflies. 
Start by painting the sheets of paper in the colors you want. I did more of red, at the bottom, and less of purple at the top. Then print out a butterfly shape, or draw one yourself, and trace it on the paper. Once you've traced the butterflies, cut them out. Now it's time to stick them on your wall! Fold the butterflies gently in half, so that it looks more '3D'. I used poster putty on the back to stick the butterflies on the wall and arranged them so that they went around my 'moon', but you can do any arrangement you like. :)

DIY Starbucks Organizers

Frappuchino's are lovely in spring time, and the cups are perfect for organizing your make-up and other products in!

You will need:
- clear Strabucks cups (I used three)

Fill each cup with a particular type of product. I use the first cup for skin and hair products, the second cup for lip products, and the third cup for eye make-up (and I keep my glitter spray in it). This is super easy, but great for organizing and it looks cute, too. :)

DIY Polka Dot Flower Vase

During spring time I love having flowers in my room, because they add so much extra happiness and
springiness (<-- that's probably not a word). Those flowers need water though, so this next DIY is a DIY flower vase!

You will need:
- an empty glass bottle 
- paint
- a paint brush or a pencil (I prefer using a pencil, because it makes it easier to make the dots nice and round)
- Mod Podge (optional)

Start by making dots with paint. I made some of them big and some small. Then, to add some more color and diversity, I did the same with light blue and dark blue paint. I also painted the top gold. If your paint is not water-resistant, I recommend adding a layer of Mod Podge.
Then, fill your vase with water and add some flowers!

Song: Thinking Out Loud
I find that music is also a kind if decoration, because it can totally change your mood and the feeling in your room. My favorite song at te moment is 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran. I love the lyrics and the melody is just, well, PERFECT. :) My favorite lines in the song are 'Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars' and 'It's evergreen'.

Have a lovely Easter and a great start of spring!

xox Mia

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