Saturday, May 9, 2015

A lovely day & morning in Amsterdam

In my May break I went to Amsterdam, and let me just tell you something: Amsterdam is wonderfully perfect. The whole day Friday and Saturday morning I was there, visiting my aunt and cousins. We went shopping and went into lots of different shops. We got to places by tram and saw beautiful buildings.
Yes, it was lovely. 

The day started with a delicious brunch. We had bread with lots of yummy stuff to put on. Especially the raspberry and lavender (!) jam was fantastic. If you ever find it, please buy it. I'm sure you'll love it.

After our brunch we put our shoes and coats on and headed for the stores. We started in the Leidsestraat. We went to lots of different stores, like I said. H&M, Zara, but also stores that are a bit more special and are harder to find:

Pylones is one of those stores. It's a French store with lots of funny things that make great presents.

Also, we took a quick look in the Magnum store, because, wow, it looked sooo cool. You can design your own Magnum there. I'd really like to try that sometime. :)

There was also a little store that sold American and British food. Finally I could eat Reese's piece again! (They don't sell them in the Netherlands...)

Then, it was Brandy Melville time. I'd been looking forward to it a lot. I know Brandy Melville is probably not so super special if you live in the US, because there are quite a lot there, but as far as I know there's only one Brandy Melville in the Netherlands. So hopefully you can understand that I was very excited :). I got a black halter top (yay!) with a lovely white pattern on it, and a cute bralette that I can wear under it. I also got a slightly cropped plaid shirt. And awwhhhh, they're all sooooo soft!

We also went to Lush. (Lush is always special ;).) After looking through the whole store, sniffing and testing, I got a volume & salt spray for your hair: the Sea Spray. It makes you look like you just came back from the beach ;) and it smells amazing, too.

The last store we went to was Forever 21 (this one is also special for me, because I think there's only one F21 in the Netherlands, too, although I'm not exactly sure.) Wow, it was really big. After seeing the whole store, I bought this denim romper. I'm very happy with it, and I think it's perfect for spring and summer. Also, because it isn't patterned or something, it's easy to, and great for accessorizing.

· · ·

The next day, Saturday morning, we went to Brandy Melville again, because I had seen this amazing necklace before, but hadn't bought it. I had been thinking about it all evening, so we decided to go back and buy it. ;)

Amsterdam was a lot of fun. I'm already looking forward to the next time :). 

xoxo Mia

PS. We also ate the best fries in all of Amsterdam, hehe. 

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