Saturday, May 2, 2015

My April Favorites

April just whizzed by. Although it felt like a short month, there have been a couple of amazing products and items I've been using (or eating ;) ) a lot. Also, it has been a long while ago since I wrote a favorites post. So... Time for a 'My April Favorites'!

My first favorite is the 'Strawberry Body Mist' from The Body Shop. It has a lovely fresh, but also sweet scent and I think it's perfect for spring.

This cute little heart is also one of my Aril favorites. It is the 'Soft Coeur (The Honeymooner)' from Lush. (You can probably tell by now that I'm a huge Lush fan ;). ) It's a massage bar, and it has chocolate in the middle. I like to use it on my shoulders (that's also where it melts well). Oh, and before you start to wonder why my massage bar heart is kind of de-shaped, I fell asleep with it and it melted a lot in my hand, haha. (Actually, I was quite sad.) Anyway, this massage bar was certainly a favorite.

I love lipstick! I think it adds a lot to your look and, for some reason, it gives me confidence. This NYX lipstick, EROS #536, is a beautiful bright red. What I like a lot about it, is that you can create multiple colors with it; when I don't want such a bright color on my lips, I combine it with some Vaseline, which results in a nice soft red-pink color (see the photo above). Also, I bought it for only 5 euro's, which is great :).

My next favorite is this necklace from Accessorize. I love the little blue stones that give the necklace that spark of color. (On the photo the necklace looks a bit gold, but it's actually silver.)

Last but not least: my favorite cookie! The cookies that I've been eating a little too much, haha, are the CafĂ© Noir (dark coffee cookies) from Verkade. The thick coffee layer on the bottom is soooo yummy :). 

I hope you enjoyed reading about these five products and items that have been my favorites this April, and have an elephantastic rest of your day! 

xoxo Mia

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